I see you over there…Tired of just going through the motions wondering, “Is this what my life, my happiness, is meant to looks like? Is this the level of success I'm meant to reach?”

I see you over there…Getting glimpses of the FACT that you were put on this planet to do BIG, BEAUTIFUL things...You were put here to INSPIRE, to share your amazing gifts. You can feel it down to your core... but something you can't quite define keeps getting in the way.

I see you over there…Making repeat attempts at CHANGE and wondering why just when you seem to gain some traction…BAM...You hit that brick wall again. Momentum lost. Inspiration deflated. 

I see you over there...Seeing your dreams so clearly but not being able to fully step into them.

You were put on this planet for a VERY important reason.

You have a purpose to fulfill...

and that's why the


was created.

Just for YOU.

For this very reason...to


to guide you


to give you the


and to get the

RESULTS you've been dreaming of...

Personal POWER, Increased WEALTH, more Intimate RELATIONSHIPS, Deeper Self-Acceptance, Growing IMPACT, an EMPOWERED STATE OF BEING...the list goes on and on...

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Are you ready to


the very things that keep getting in your way.

The very things holding you back from fully thriving.

Are you ready to embrace the magic and the richness this life has to offer? 

Are you ready to put down the struggle and the frustration?

Are you ready to understand where you are limiting the flow of your success once and for all?

Then there is just one more thing to say, WELCOME!!

I'm so happy you are here!

This is an absolute game changer.


I want to take a couple seconds just to imagine what your life will look like one year from now if you keep doing EXACTLY THE SAME THING you are doing now...

what do you see?

Hmmmm....Looks pretty much the SAME?

Do you crave "the SAME"?

NOW, I want you to imagine the transformation your life has undergone one year from now after joining


What do you see??

Yeah, that's what I thought...


This is a journey for motivated, soul-driven, clarity craving, action taking women who are seeking a better way to live out their lives...and access success in their businesses without sacrificing joy, family, home...and all the most important things.

This is a transformative program that combines the eye opening, limit blasting, abundance manifesting power of Feng Shui along with my own intuitive guidance, coaching and support to empower you to GROW and never stop GROWING as you continue to expand, blossom and spread your own unique brand of inspiration...sending your own ripple of change out into the world.

This program is set up with quick and easy weekly assignments that will propel your life forward in the most amazing way.

9 Beautifully Mind Blowing Modules to stimulate change in all areas of your life...Bring you back into alignment with your unique passion and purpose...Bring you back into the flow of abundance.

This fully ONLINE ACADEMY experience includes:

(Here's how it breaks down through-out our transformational year together.)

9 Modules where we will access clarity, BREAKTHROUGH your Abundance blocks, and see results in all NINE 'energetic themes' in your life:

  • Module One: Authentically Expressing Yourself- Are you stifling your JOY? Are you hiding your creative side? How finding your unique voice, authentically expressing yourself and speaking your truth can open the flow of abundance in your life and empower you beyond measure.
  • Module Two: Developing Your Support Network and Spiritual Connection- Are you in the right place at the right time? Enhancing the power of SYNCHRONICITY and allowing support of all shapes and sizes into your life to build ease, freedom, TRUST and FLOW.
  • Module Three: Discovering & Unleashing Your Passion & Purpose- Are you scared to unleash the power of your true potential? Learn to fully understand and embrace the power within you so you can passionately pursue your life purpose with abundant results.
  • Module Four: Knowledge of Self & Expanding Your Intuition- Do you know what truly makes YOU happy? Discover a deeper understanding of your own needs, wants and desires...set up boundaries that serve you...and learn to truly listen and trust your intuition. Tapping into your inner guides is your key to living an abundant life.
  • Module Five: Releasing the Past & Creating a Strong Foundation- Stuck in the past? How healing and letting go of old hurts can help you understand where your past is still playing a role in your present and future. Release your inherited money stories.
  • Module Six: Understanding Self-Worth & Embracing Abundance- Honestly, do you feel worthy of Abundance? Flexing your SELF- WORTH muscles and how to get your Abundance growing and flowing...and keep it flowing.
  • Module Seven: Stepping into the LIGHT and FIRE of your SUCCESS- When you are deeply connected to your higher power and you allow that UNDERSTANDING to FLOW through you, people take notice and support you in your success.
  • Module Eight: Receiving Love & Receiving Abundance- The deep rooted connection between LOVE and ABUNDANCE and how understanding this intimate connection can completely transform your life.
  • Module Nine: The importance of your Health & Well-Being- Discover how your over all health and well-being directly linked to your ability to manifest abundance.  Are you blocking your level of abundance by neglecting your health? Or are you blocking your level of health by neglecting your abundance?


There will be WEEKLY exercises and assignments based on the Module Themes listed above:

  • Week One: The Healing Art of Feng Shui- Using Feng Shui to bring your space and life into alignment with your true passion and purpose. Defining and clarifying where you are blocking the flow of abundance in your life and business. Fueling courage to make the necessary shift and create real, lasting change. 
  • Week Two: GIVE UP THE STRUGGLE - Stop swimming up stream...Understanding how the seasons and the natural cycles we all experience are affecting you physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually. How FLOWING WITH them, not against them, will create bigger, better results, FASTER than ever before.
  • Week Three: Let's get down to business- Focusing in on a particular room in your house that is speaking volumes about where you are currently in your life and business...how making simple shifts and adjustments to your space can ignite your business and bring your life back into alignment.
  • Week Four: Energize ME! - The Importance of your Chakra and Energetic Health, how it's related to Feng Shui and how it's all affecting your overall health and level of abundance. Energetic tips and exercise to keep you functioning at your highest vibration...your manifestation vibration...so that you are always magnetizing abundance in all areas of your life.
  • Week Five: Follow the CLUES, Connect the DOTS- Our limiting beliefs and the stories we tell ourselves BECOME our reality...understanding that...Our Thoughts Become Things...How accessing this knowledge and taking steps to re-write the stories will lead to the magical results you've been looking for.
  • Week Six: Results Week! Recognizing and celebrating the progress. Time for inner reflection and understanding on how to maintain and sustain the upward growth.


Daily Connection, Coaching through the private Facebook Group, Weekly Facebook LIVE CHATS, Online Office Hours for Q+A, Monthly Masterminds and the SUPPORT you've been craving...


This is an amazing group where you'll receive daily support, guidance and inspiration. It's also an incredible opportunity to connect with like minded women who are on a similar journey and path as you are. 

What would it be like to have a whole sisterhood holding space for you everyday?

Holding you up, holding you steady and accountable, helping you through your struggles, sharing in your joys, building your self-worth, CELEBRATING your success, helping you welcome in your ABUNDANCE?

I'll tell you what it's like...


We are not meant to continue on this journey alone. It's too easy to slip back into to self limiting, negative patterns...And now you don't have to...and it's all online...anyone can participate from anywhere...anywhere in the world!

GUEST EXPERT SPEAKERS: During each MODULE we will receive incredible insight from one of these Soul-Centered Experts (via either Facebook Live Chat in the Group or ZOOM Video Conference.)

  • Keri Gavin: Keri is a Mindset & Prosperity Mentor who helps service-based woman in business prosper by upgrading their thinking to create more income, purpose and impact. Keri is a regular speaker in the Academy, she joins us in each module.  www.focusingontheheart.com
  • Naomi Paulson Calderon: Having spent 10 years in the fitness and wellness industry, Naomi takes the crisis out of mid-life by delivering simple, personalized health solutions, using the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine so busy 40-somethings can create results, finally. She is also a regular speaker in the Academy. www.sunflowersage.com
  • Jewell Siebert: Jewel is a #1 international bestselling author, coach and speaker who helps women have great careers with less stress. She shares the lessons she learned In her 14 years on active duty in the Army to support women in developing relationships and work habits that create more joy in every aspect of their lives.  www.jewellsiebert.com
  • Laurel Holland : Laurel is an author, speaker and holistic life coach to people who are done settling for feeling anything less than really good inside. A 30-year journey into personal development, spirituality, mental health counseling, and energy medicine informs her work as she intuitively and practically guides clients into a strong connection with their inner guidance and soul’s calling.  www.liveyourinnerpower.com
  • Tory Dube: Tory is a Healthy Living Expert & Holistic Business Consultant with a reality-rocking spirit. Using humor, nutrition, mindfulness and movement, Tory guides her clients to wholistic freedom, health and happiness. She writes for health publications, is a children's book author, hosts international wellness retreats. She will speaking about: The 3 free steps to your life’s purpose. www.ToryDube.com   
  • Anjanette Fennell: Anjanette is a literary coach and agent who finally found her calling when she combined her passion for writing with her compulsion to help others find + honor their own voice. She believes that the biggest hurdles to living the life of our dreams are simply constructs of our past - once we let go of the Shoulds and Maybes and Can'ts, we allow our true voice to gain strength. www.anjanettefennell.com
  • Gina Law: Gina is a Soul Coach, Health and Wellness Coach, Reiki Master, & Intuitive Healer. She teaches her students and clients how to connect body, mind and spirit to align with their dreams, taking them out of the future and bringing them into the now.  Gina will be a regular speaker in the group during the "Energize ME!" weeks.  www.ginamaria.info

You're thinking to yourself...


It's all right here...

The invitation has been sent...

Now it's up to you.

Enrollment IS open!!!

Empowered Living Academy

VIP Lifetime Membership

(includes all of the above PLUS)

  • Access to Monthly Masterminds
  • Lifetime Academy Membership
  • $75.00/Month for 12 months

Empowered Living Academy

Monthly Membership

(includes all of the above)